How To Make Your Business Stand Out On App Stores

With the rapid growth in the number of smartphone user, the brands and organizations are realizing the need for connecting with targeted customers. Marketers are having vast possibilities to connect with the targeted audience and promote their brand, product, and services. This can potentially result in driving more profits, sales and leads in business. With the competition among apps on the app store getting higher, potential app marketers are looking on for significant ways to make their app discovered by more targeted users and to gain increased iOS and Buy Android App Reviews.

Effective customer service is regarded as …

Why Mobile Marketing Is Important For Your Business App

As mobile traffic has overtaken desktop traffic, mobile apps have become a more essential part of people’s life. Marketers have the realized the potential of mobile apps for reaching out to a more relevant and target audience-base. As the mobile app market has got mature with the competition, the buying personas of the consumers are getting more complex and challenging for the marketers. If you want to communicate your ideal marketing message with your potential customers and convince them to engage in your business you have to focus on an effective strategy based on in-depth research and analysis on your …

Getting To Higher App Visibility, Engagement and Retention

Mobile app marketing is a complex process, yet it is an undeniable strategy for every mobile app. Developers and entrepreneurs are looking for unique ways to get more attention from users who are most likely to be in need of the product or service they provide. With many futuristic entrepreneurs preferring app marketing to be their mainstream advertising medium, app stores like Google Play and iTunes are evolving with an increase in the number of apps. In order to stand out in the competition on these app stores, marketers have to approach with clear-cut app store optimization strategies.

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Effective Ways To Accelerate Growth From Your App

As of January 2017, there were 4.7 million apps available both in the App Store and Google Play Store. With a rapid growth in the number of apps, the competition is always on the high among apps. Entrepreneurs need innovative marketing strategies to cope up with the growing competition and changing rules in the app stores. One of the greatest concern of app marketers is to improve their app visibility on relevant searches that users make. For marketing your app in the right way there should be an in-depth analysis and research involved in identifying what the consumers expect from

Buy android app installs online following 7 ways

Buy android app installs online following 7 ways

Who buy App Installs?

This is very normal question and obviously you want to know that who buys app installs. It depends on app’s need and strategies. If one app is already very famous and has secured large installs, then buying installs for that app is almost wastage here but buying installs would be helpful for those apps which are not very famous and have not adequate installs even to convince its potential users to download.

In between millions of apps, it is not simple for an app developer to gather huge

Top 10 Best PayPal Alternatives for Online Transactions

From online shopping to paying your EMI, online payments are becoming common in every domain. The ease with which things get done online is beyond everything. In today’s cashless era, PayPal is a street name. Every organization accepts PayPal and it can be remarked as the most used payment mode online. But let’s face it. The regular cases of account freezing and poor customer support are affecting the PayPal market. And what’s more irritating is the fact that you cannot use PayPal in some counties. Many contemporaries are slowly gaining market, taking advantage of the holes that PayPal is still …

Top 10 Best Evernote Alternatives

The human mind is very powerful, and memory is a very intricate, but mighty creation. Even so, just like every other creation, there is, it too has its fair amount of glitches. You can only wish to have a picture perfect memory, one that would not let even a tiny detail slip or distort itself, but you are seldom blessed with it. It is quite rational in such circumstances, for one to turn to note making, which, in today’s world has become a part and parcel of most people’s basic needs. Since more than three-fourths of the world’s population owns …

John Lewis

In June, John Lewis promised to help its 21,000 Partners (staff) become digital champions, helping customers to get online and do their shopping on the net.

Since this commitment it’s gone even further, creating e-training courses for its Partners to give them the skills they need to get online and help others do the same. When launched, this training scheme will cover everything from how to communicate to customers going online for the first time, to more in-depth classes on how to make the most of the web, by paying bills online. John Lewis will also be launching a trial


Comet is developing a compulsory training module to help inspire 3,000 Comet digital champs.
Part of the shiny new digital champion area within its Learning Management System (LMS), – Comet’s online training tool for its customer-facing colleagues – the training module will be compulsory for every customer-facing colleague in store and will provide staff with top tips and information to help them pass on their IT skills.  It’s due for launch in September.
The digital champion area will also be stuffed with tips, tools and information, including FAQs, the digital champ job description, sign-posting to online support and training, as …


An inaugural Race Online 2012 partner, BT’s established a new three year plan – BT programme, Get IT Together, to help excluded groups across the UK benefit from the net.

Get It Together raises awareness with community groups, charities, social enterprises, schools and individuals and creates opportunities for BT or partner employees to get involved, providing other channels through which messages are communicated.


However, it isn’t the only way that BT is inspiring champs and off-liners:

  • Its Internet Rangers Awards are rewarding young people and their schools for helping older people use the net; it’s still possible to apply